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StumbleUpon Change Could Increase Your Pageviews

I was just minding my own business submitting an article to StumbleUpon, when I couldn’t help but notice an entirely new experience when I clicked the submit button.

In the past, users would have gotten something more like this (which I’m still getting from the StumbleUpon toolbar):

Now, we’re seeing this when you click the submit button from a webpage:

After clicking yes, it goes to something like this:

As you can see, it eliminates the categorization and tagging elements as well as the option to leave a comment. It also says the page is added to your likes. It’s unclear how StumbleUpon is categorizing this content, and if it intends to take this ability away from users or not.

It’s also worth noting that StumbleUpon profiles specifically list a user’s “Additions” separate from (or as part of, technically) the user’s “likes”. While the new functionality says it adds the content to your likes, that content still appears in the Additions section of the profile.

The nice part about this for publishers is that it gives users a chance to stumble through other content on their site, which could result in more pageviews.

StumbleUpon has long been a major driver of referral traffic to sites. According to Shareaholic, it’s the fourth largest such driver, behind only Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

StumbleUpon’s referrals are often criticized for catering to a high bounce rate as the nature of the service is to show users various webpages from around the Internet, but getting people to stumble through specific sites could help in that department.

We’ve reached out to StumbleUpon to learn more about the new functionality and how things are changing, and will update accordingly.

Images via StumbleUpon/Mashable

By · September 12, 2014

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